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    New Engine Twice Faster, Mozilla Firefox Quantum Ready to Challenge Chrome and Safari

    Tuesday, November 14, 2017, November 14, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-15T02:21:37Z

    • Today Quantum Firefox Officially Launched
    • Mozilla Brings Competition to Google Chrome With New Firefox Quantum Browser

    Mozilla finally officially launched the latest Firefox 57 browser that comes with a significant 'reshuffle', both the 'offal' and the outside (interface). The latest Veris is available for all three platforms (32 bit and 64 bit), ie Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

    Previously, the beta version of Firefox 57 which is also named as Quantum Firefox has been tested several months ago. Today (11/14/2017), the final version (stabel version) is available on the Mozilla server for you loyal users of this open source browser.

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    Quantum Firefox now comes with a new and more fresh 'fresh' GUI, and more importantly is the Quantum / Stylo CSS engine developed from the start (in Quantum Project) for faster, more efficient, secure and secure browser performance stable.

    Quantum Firefox Browsing engine has been prepared to support the latest hardware technologies today, such as multi-core processor support, AMD VP9 video decoding hardware, and more.

    As a consequence of the new engine, Firefox Quantum chose to negate its support for legacy extensions. So, this browser will only work with standard WebExtension API.

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    Multi-core processor support as part of Firefox's adoption of this multi-process architecture is actually long awaited Firefox users. This is considering other browsers, as Chrome has been supporting it for a long time.

    Based on the results of Mozilla testing, loading time and the process of rendering web pages from Firefox Quantum twice as fast as Firefox 52. often. According to Mozilla again, browsers now also consume only 30% less memory than Google Chrome.

    Browser development does not stop here. The upcoming Firefox version will fine-tune the parallel processing feature so that multi-core processors can load different content on the same page (web page) more quickly.

    The Quantum Render project will continue to further accelerate the content rendering process with GPU (GPGPU / General-purpose computing on graphics processing units) GPU support.

    The new Firefox Quantum browser interface (called the Photon user interface) appears different from the square / box design tab, the new menu design, and the unified search bar and URL bar. Photon UI has also been designed in order to optimally work on the touch screen and high resolution (high pixel density).

    Interested in using a browser that already exist for 15 years? Just try downloading this address / URL and install it on your PC or notebook.


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