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    Official, Marvel Released Teaser Deadpool 2

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017, November 15, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:42Z
    LOS ANGELES - Marvel Entertainment officially released a teaser video for the movie Deadpool 2. Launched via Aceshowbiz, teaser video was released shortly after one party leaked it to the public before the movie Logan.

    Official, Marvel Released Teaser Deadpool 2

    As shown in the leaked version, the video officially released by Marvel Entertainment showcases the scenes of Wade Wilson attempting a rescue action against a man. Not quite up there, the scene in the teaser video also featured a cameo of the characters Stan Lee and Logan.

    The follow-up sequel of the anti-hero film will be starring Ryan Reynolds who plays Wade Wilson or Deadpool character. Meanwhile, David Harbor is rumored to be taking on the role of Cable, another personality of Cyclops's son, Nathan Summers who would later become the super villain.

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    In addition to Harbor, the new name mentioned will join Kerry Washington, which is currently being linked with a character named Domino.

    Deadpool 2 is due for release in 2018. Shocked by the conflict between Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds at the start of the sequel, Marvel Entertainment finally appointed David Leitch as the new director to replace the 46-year-old man who chose to quit his post.



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