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    Recognition of Beautiful Artists Racked Backstreet Boys Persons

    Wednesday, November 22, 2017, November 22, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:40Z
    The sex scandal again rocked the Hollywood entertainment stage. This time, former singer Melissa Schuman made a startling confession about Nick Carter. He claimed to be the victim of sexual harassment from the Backstreet Boys personnel.

    Melissa reveals that Nick forced her to have sex. It happened when Nick invited Melissa to her home in 2002.

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    The former Dream member adds that at that moment, Nick starts kissing her and unbuttoning Melissa's pants. Artist who is now busy in the acting world asked Nick not to go any further. However, his request was not heard by Nick.

    "He's a lot stronger and bigger than me, and there's no way I can open the door and someone will help me," Melissa said in her personal blog as quoted by Toggle.

    Nick Carter. Photo : Reuters
    He claimed to be afraid and trapped. Moreover, he saw Nick was very angry because of his rejection. He also can only surrender.

    "That's where I see myself, my reflection, seeing me do something that makes me sick, seeing myself assaulted, forced to take action against my will," he said.

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    The Silent Scream star added that he had asked Nick not to. She says she's still a virgin, and wants to keep the virginity for her beloved husband later. But Nick did not care.

    "It has happened, one thing I know that one virtue has been destroyed, I want to believe it is a dream," he said.

    He felt devastated and discouraged after having sex under pressure and coercion.

    "I am traumatized, I told my therapy I told my family and friends that I never had a platform to perform in public," Melissa said.

    There has been no rebuttal or comment from Nick nor the artist's representative.


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