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    Roy Moore: Allegations of Sexual Harassment to Fail Efforts to the Senate

    Monday, November 13, 2017, November 13, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:46Z
    The photo taken on 26 September 2017 shows former Supreme Court Chief Alabama and US senate candidate
    Roy Moore greet his supporters in Montgomery, Alabama.
    Roy Moore on Saturday (11/11) confirmed the allegations of sexual harassment decades ago was a lie, and voters in Alabama "will know this game."
    The Republican senator has shown no sign of quitting the senate, despite a request from a large number of Republican members in Washington DC to undermine his intentions.

    Moore appeared publicly for the first time on Saturday after the Washington Post newspaper published an interview with four women who said Moore had tried to have sex or romance with them decades ago when they were teenagers while Moore about 30 years old and already a well-established lawyer.

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    A number of Republican leaders, including Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, called on Moore to resign from the fight if the allegations were true. Trump, who was on a trip to Asia, said he was too busy to follow the news about Moore, and referred to the issue in an earlier statement to reporters that Trump believed Moore "would do the right thing if the allegations were true."

    Moore's supporters criticized the statements of a number of prominent Republicans.

    "I'm very disappointed in my party for criticizing Moore so quickly," said Tom Byars, who came to listen to Moore's speech at the Mid-Alabama Republican Club at a library in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, on Saturday. "The president has a similar problem, but now he turned and criticized Roy Moore for backing out?"

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    Moore's remarks at Vestavia Vills on Saturday were his first public appearance since the report was released, although he has also denied the report in a conservative radio show hosted by broadcaster Sean Hannity on Friday (10/11). Moore used the opportunity to accuse the Washington Post of involvement "in an effort to stop his political campaign from reaching the Senate."


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