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    Steven Seagal Sexually Abuses Ellen DeGeneres's Wife

    Thursday, November 9, 2017, November 09, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:45Z
    Steven Seagal is accused of sexually harassing several women. (REUTERS / Darryl Webb)
    Hollywood actor Steven Seagal and comedian Louis C.K. are now subject to reporting of alleged sexual harassment. Since the Harvey Weinstein case unfolded, reports of sexual harassment have sprung up in Hollywood. Actor Kevin Spacey became one of the talks.

    Now, Portia de Rossi accused Seagal of harassing him during the audition. Rossi is an Arrested Development actress and wife of Ellen DeGeneres. According to him, Seagal sexual harassment on the grounds get a spark of taste from the opponent in the movie play.

    "He told me how important it was to have a spark of taste behind the scenes so he sat me down and unzipped his leather pants," Rossi said on Thursday (9/11).

    Right then, Rossi ran away and called her agency. "Not annoyed, he replied, 'Well, I do not know if he's your type,'" Rossi continued the story. Rossi himself is actually a lesbian, and married DeGeneres, who claims to be proud of his wife.

    Until now, Seagal representatives have not commented anything yet.

    This is not the first time Seagal's name stuck out in the middle of a case of sexual harassment. Performers martial arts and blues music lovers were also accused of harassing actress Jenny McCarthy at the audition of Under Siege 2 (1995). McCarthy was asked to lower his dress.

    At that time, as reported AFP news agency, McCarthy refused on the grounds there is no script that mentions there is a naked scene. He was still asked to lower the dress, twice.

    Reason Seagal, there is a naked scene not in front of the camera.

    McCarthy was devastated. He immediately refused and ran to his car. But Seagal followed him and forced him to tell nobody. "I thought, I was the last woman that day. How many women have to take off their clothes? How many women should do more? That is disgusting for me, "he said.

    Last week, Julianna Margulies also admitted that she had been afraid of Seagal.

    They had been filming together for Out for Justice in 1991. He said Seagal once wanted to practice a scene with him in his hotel room in New York, at night. Margulies came. But the 23-year-old actress found Seagal alone.

    "He made me believe that I saw his weapon, and I have never seen a real weapon before. I got out of there unscathed, "he said.

    Seagal has also been accused of harassing journalist Lisa Guerrero while she was an actress trying to find her fortune in Hollywood. Guerrero revealed, he once received an audition call at Seagal's home. He asked for a casting director, Shari Rhodes accompanied him.

    But Seagal looked surprised. The actor greeted him directly at the door with only a bathrobe. He did not say anything to his surprise because Guerrero brought a friend, but was visible from his expression.

    Portia de Rossi (right) reported Steven Seagal had sexually harassed her. (REUTERS / Danny Moloshok)
    After a 10-minute audition, he then praised, "You are wonderful."

    After that, Seagal promised to call. Guerrero went too far.

    In the evening, he gets a call from his manager who asked Seagal to return home. "Special training," the reason. Guerrero refused. In the end, he lost the role promised to him. He is only offered a smaller role.

    That time he received, because he did not have to 'practice' alone at Seagal's house.

    Louis C.K. also accused of harassing women.Louis C.K. also accused of harassing women. (REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)
    But still, he felt uncomfortable during the filming. He said, Seagal and other actors often steal a glance at him and laugh. Once Seagal even came to him and asked him to come to his dressing room. Again he refused Seagal.

    The strange conversation ended with a look of disdain for Seagal.

    Meanwhile, five women also reported comedian Louis C.K. for masturbating before them. Or at best, ask them to watch it masturbate. Each case occurred at different times and locations, in the 1990s to 2005 range.

    "I think it's over the limit when you take off your clothes and start masturbating," said Julia Wolov, one of the Chicago comedians who accused her of being abused by C.K.

    Publisis C.K. told the New York Times that his client did not want to answer that.


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