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    Taylor Swift Drunk Love Through 'Call It What You Want'

    Friday, November 3, 2017, November 03, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:41Z
    Taylor Swift released another single from her latest album, Reputation. The song titled 'Call It What You Want' that describes Swift being drunk in love. (Neilson Barnard / Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger / AFP)
    Taylor Swift again greets fans with the release of the latest song "Call It What You Want". The latest song from the 27-year-old singer is a cover of a series of songs in his upcoming album, "Reputation".

    On Thursday (2/11), Taylor Swift surprised fans by telling her that the latest song will release at midnight. In a series of uploads on Instagram, Taylor Swift gives pieces of lyrics to his song.

    As in an upload it says "but will you run away with me?", Then followed the next upload to write the title of the song and in the newest upload of the image that read, "I hold my breath slowly saying, 'you do not have to save me'," he wrote.

    This song is the fourth song dedicated to fans. Previously, Taylor released the song "Look What You Make Me Do" in August. Followed by the song "Ready For It?" in September and in October released the song "Gorgeous".

    The four songs will be included in the upcoming Taylor Swift's upcoming album, quoted from page E! News.

    A few days before the release of her sixth album, Taylor Swift again presents new music. This time, the Pennsylvania-born singer released the song titled Call It What You Want officially on Friday (3/11).

    With a slower pop music rhythm, Swift still tells the story of his love story with his new lover Joe Alwyn.

    Call It What You Want song describes Swift find the figure of the lover he was looking for, which feels right and very meaningful. And as if indeed drunk in love, Swift ignored other people's opinions of him.

    "All my flowers grew back as thorns / Windows boarded back up after the storm / He built a fire just to keep me warm / All the drama queens taking swings / They are fade to nothing when I look at him, "Swift chant.

    The day before the official release, the song was promoted Swift through a number of social media that he had.

    Without writing the details in his description column, the singer of Look What You Made Me Do was uploading a series of photos with some verses of the song's lyrics.

    "Call It What You Want, midnight Eastern time," wrote briefly in the description of his upload.




    Call It What You Want became the fourth set of Swift's promotional tracks for his sixth album Reputation. Previously, Swift has been presenting the song Look What You Made Me Do, ... Ready for it ?, and Gorgeous.

    In addition to presenting a number of new music, Swift later helped provide an overview of the process of cultivating his new album. This Grammy Award winner shared the moment when she worked on Gorgeous songwriting.

    "At a glance about making Reputation, there was a video of me while I wrote a Gorgeous song on the @attatt YouTube page, a link in the bio," he wrote in a caption posted on Instagram.



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