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    Tesla Immediately Launches First Electric Truck

    Thursday, November 16, 2017, November 16, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-17T07:36:54Z
    Tesla Truck
    Tesla is better known for its sporty sedan. But this month there is a new output vehicle scheduled for launch early, its first semi electric truck.

    Launched from the page Mashable, Tesla itself has been working on semi-electric truck in July 2016 ago. The trucks are likely to be powered by a Tesla battery, and equipped with a series of car sensors used for Autopilot automatic drive technology.

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    Because there is not much information about this truck, Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley, Tesla analyst, shares some interesting predictions about Tesla Semi in an investor note obtained from Electrek. Jonas thinks Telsa's entry into the industry could be 'the biggest catalyst in truckloading in decades', which could lead to a split between companies ready to embrace next-generation technology, and which will end up trapped in the past.

    Jonas laid down a series of predictions on the note, answering some of the most striking questions about a semi-truck ahead of its launch. He believes the truck will be a semi-class 8 truck, not a limited-service vehicle. That means the weight will be over 33 thousand pounds, with the ability to take all kinds of goods.

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    Jonas Tesla semi-projected also will go on sale in 2020 at a cost of about 100 thousand USD or Rp 1.3 billion, if the truck operator leases the battery separately. The truck also has a spacing of between 200 and 300 miles per charge, to support regional truck routes, and perhaps most importantly, the preparation of autonomous electricity can be up to 70 percent cheaper to operate than the semi type.


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