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    This Kian, Virtual Assistant KIA Ready to Help You

    Tuesday, November 21, 2017, November 21, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-21T09:22:08Z

    In addition to improving its car products, car manufacturers also have to improve their social interaction for a more enjoyable user experience. Volvo, for example, introduced a car buying service online that was initially laughed at by another brand, but it turned out to be a huge success and made another brand bite the finger for laughing at the beginning.

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    Another Volvo, another KIA. The brand under Hyundai has introduced Kian. Kian is a KIA virtual assistant who is ready to chat with Facebook Messenger users at the official KIA page to improve the car buying experience online. In addition to Facebook Messenger, Kian will also be present at website in the near future to provide customer service 24/7.

    Kian will give consumers the opportunity to search, research and assess everything from car prices, payment methods, specific program offerings, comparison between cars, display photos and videos, search for car stock and even find the nearest KIA dealers around us. Afterwards, Kian can be invited to casually chat casually with the ability to process his natural language that is supported by AI technology.

    According to CarLabs who helped KIA to design Kian, Kian could answer questions such as:

    -SUV what's its fuel consumption can be 11 km / liter on the route in the city?

    -Dealer KIA nearby at my location again any Stock car?

    -What is KIA Cadenza 2017 greater than Acura TLX 2017?

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    -Kia Forte prices start from how much?

    -What KIA car loads 7 people?

    -How is the consumption of KIA Optima hybrid fuel?

    "The more buyers who use this system, Kian will continue to learn to anticipate questions, answer more specifically and become smarter over time," said CarLabs CEO. Martin Schmitt "Having access to such high-end consumer data is a great tool for understanding and serving consumers better than they already are."

    "In this fast-changing digital world, Kian is programmed to understand the personal needs of consumers and provides instant and intuitive shopping decision support," said Kia's Marketing Vice President Saad Chehab. "Buyers and KIA owners can chat with Kian in leisure, regardless pressure in the mobile chat app that they often use. "Well, should another brand follow the KIA idea? Convey in the comment field!


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