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    Wow... Toyota Recommends Robot T-HR3, Its Capabilities Make You Wow

    Monday, November 27, 2017, November 27, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-28T08:37:50Z
    This is the T-HR3 Robot that Toyota created to provide human assistance in vital or emergency conditions in various places. (Photo: Toyota Global Newsroom / YouTube)
    This T-HR3 robot was created to help humans in an emergency.

     Toyota introduced its newest humanoid robot, T-HR3 on Tuesday (21/11/2017) in Japan.

    This robot was created to provide assistance to humans in vital or emergency conditions in various places.

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    Toyota, as quoted from Auto Express, explained that T-HR3 can be used in hospitals, construction areas, disaster-stricken areas, or even outer space.

    "Our Partner Robot Division team is committed to using technology at T-HR3 to develop friendly and helpful robots that are able to work with people and help them in daily life," said Toyota Motors Group Division General Manager Akifumi Tamaoki.

    T-HR3 is controlled by humans using the Master Manoeuvering System (MMS). which gets input from a usable control tool.

    Armed with this tool, the man behind the controller can control the movement of control in accordance with the movement.

    What the robot sees can be seen by the man who controls it through a headset. T-HR3 itself has 29 body parts and 16 control systems in the MMS, so the movements that he can do very diverse.

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    Remarkably, H-R3 can replicate the 'taste' and the sensation it gets when interacting with objects around it, so that humans using the controller seem to interact directly with the environment and the objects. T-HR3 itself developed from Toyota's previous robot technology that is made to play musical instruments.

    Unfortunately, Toyota did not explain about the estimated price of T-HR3, nor about when this humanoid robot will be produced and marketed.


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