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    When Bamboo Technology Can Overcome Flood and Landslide ...

    Wednesday, November 22, 2017, November 22, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-23T02:37:11Z
    Bamboo is used as embankment to overcome flood problem in Cijangkelok River, Kuningan Regency. (Alek Kurniawan)
    For a long time, people in Kuningan Regency precisely on the banks of Cijangkelok River in Citenjo Village are worried when the rainy season comes.

    This is caused by the flood disaster that often hit the area. One of the disasters that is still remembered in the people's memory is the flood in January 2017.

    "I still remember that time January 22, 2017 at 12.00 noon. It rained heavily. At 02.00 am the rain subsided, at 04.00 am heavy rain fell again. The rain lasts 3-4 hours, "said Cisanggarung River Operation and Maintenance (OP DAS) officer, Kuningan, for Cijangkelok River, Yayat Sudiyatna.

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    Yayat also explained, in the afternoon, the water surface of the river began to overflow to the settlements.

    "This flood water reached one meter and flooded seven villages. Citenjo village is the worst, "added the man who works to monitor the bioengineering project on the banks of this Cijangkelok River.

    Considering these conditions, the Directorate General of Water Resources (DG SDA) of the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing (PUPR) through River Civic Center (BBWS) Cimanuk Cisanggarung paid special attention to Citenjo Village.

    The next month, in February 2017, the embankment was built by BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung in collaboration with the local community to prevent further flooding.

    What is built is not a dike in general, but a dike made of bamboo with bioengineering method.

    Bamboo is planted is to hold the river water that overflows and causes flooding in the Village Citenjo, Kab. Brass, Wednesday (15/11/2017). (Alek Kurniawan)
    In Indonesian, bioengineering can be interpreted to be biological engineering.

    The biological engineering is a discipline applied in biosystem-based engineering (a combination of biological, environmental and agricultural sciences) to improve the efficiency of the functions and benefits of the biosystem itself.

    Application of the science of biological engineering is rarely seen its existence in plain view. But apparently, the field of science brings many benefits to society.

    "In February 2017, we planted 300-meter bamboo on the banks of the Cijangkelok River for natural embankment making. Bamboo we choose because this plant fits with the elements of the soil here and can withstand the erosion of river water that overflows, "said officer maker commitment (PPK) OP III BBWS Cimanuk Cisangarung, I Gusti Ngurah Antariza.

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    In addition, Antariza also explained that this bioengineering method was chosen to restore the function of river vegetation and can automatically restore the river dikes back green.

    "This method is also used to minimize funds. The project that runs for 3 months is only spent Rp 200 million of State Budget, "continued Antariza.

    Currently, the bioengineering project in Citenjo Village is completed 100 percent. Bamboo is embedded more dense and bushy so it is expected to hold the river water overflow.

    Tackle landslides

    In addition to overcoming the problem of flooding in Citenjo Village, Kuningan District, it turns out this bamboo bioengineering method is also used to cope with landslides on the banks of the Cigora River, Bandungsari Village, Brebes District.

    Construction of embankment on the banks of the Cigora River, Bandungsari Village, Brebes Regency when built. (BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung)
    In early 2017, the riverbank that is also bordered by inter-provincial roads is avalanched so that roads connecting the Provinces of West Java and Central Java are temporarily cut off.

    After the road repaired, BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung re-apply the method of bioengineering with bamboo plants to withstand landslides.

    "Although the method used is the same as that in Kuningan, the embankment construction is here through two stages. First, the construction of the embankment right on the edge of the river. Second, the construction of embankments in the river boundary with the highway, "said PPK OP III technical operators BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung, Muhammad Cucu Sudiyan.

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    For embankment on the edge of the river, the construction used is the installation of stones and sacks containing sand and planting bamboo shoots in between.

    "Then for the second stage we planted bamboo with a few centimeters. Then at that empty distance, we planted grass vetiver (fragrant root) which serves to grip the soil to a depth of 3 meters, "added Sudiyan.

    In addition, planted with plants Kaliandra is useful to suck water and hold the grains of eroded soil. Finally, there are marine pandanus plants that can withstand landslides.

    Bamboo that has been planted by pandan laut, grass vertiver, and Kaliandra is expected to overcome the landslide in Brebes Regency (BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung)
    The project that runs from February to April 2017 is also already felt the benefits of this rainy season. No more landslides.

    Going forward, BBWS Cimanuk Cisanggarung targets a 500m follow-up development on the banks of the river so that the coverage of protected areas is increasing.

    The Directorate General of Natural Resources also hopes to apply this bamboo bioengineering method throughout Indonesia. Thus, the benefits can be felt by all circles of society.



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