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    77 Persons Brought to the RS in a Falling Train Incident from the Bridge

    Monday, December 18, 2017, December 18, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-19T04:23:35Z
    Car accident in Washington (Photo: Courtesy Braden Chapman via REUTERS)
    Washington - A number of people were killed in the Amtrak train crash that fell from the bridge in DuPont, Washington, USA. In addition, as many as 77 others were brought to the hospital.

    Reported by CNN, Tuesday (19/12/2017), the statement was submitted by local authorities. According to local police spokesman Ed Troyer, there were no casualties from the rider. Even so some of them had minor injuries.

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    Amtrak Trainer said there were 78 passengers and 5 crew inside the train. Picture from the air shows how the train part is out of the lanes and crashed into the jungle.

    A passenger named Chris Karnes told local news agency KIRO 7 passengers were forced to break the window because the emergency door was not working properly.

    The accident occurred on Monday (18/12) morning local time around 07:30 pm. In the Washington State Department of Transportation Twitter account, there was a rail carriage on the road.

    Traffic is crowded around the location. Officers have appealed to avoid the area.


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