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    According to Bono U2, Music Now Already The 'Girly'

    Thursday, December 28, 2017, December 28, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:43Z
    Bono U2 © Splashnews
    Recently Bono revealed the inspiration of U2's new album, SONGS OF EXPERIENCE, which came from her experience when she died. As reported by People, it was revealed 57-year musician in an interview with Rolling Stone for the January 2018 release.

    But apart from the inspiration of the album, Bono also tells that he got the current musical understanding of his four children. With different references, Bono was trying to understand the favorite music of each child ranging from hip hop, to rock 'n roll.

    "The band is always listening to music, and I have my kids Jordan likes different music, indie music that many people do not like Eve likes hip hop Elijah has a band, and he has a strong will in music but he makes no difference at between, call it like The Who and The Killers, "said Bono.

    Through the different references that his children listened to, Bono tried to understand current music © Splashnews
    "Or you know, Nirvana and Royal Blood, it's not about his generation, it's all about the sound and what he's going through, and he (Elijah) believes that the rock 'n roll revolution is imminent," Bono continued. Furthermore, Bono also expressed his opinion about the current music that feels more girly.

    "I think the music is girly now, of course there are some good points, but right now hip hop is the only thing that fits the youth's anger, and I think it's bad When I'm 16 years old I have a lot of anger You just need to find a place to take it out and for some guitar, or drum machine, I do not care.That moment then turns into something that can be controlled, and done, like you put it in formaldehyde, "Bono explained.

    "Finally, what rock 'n roll is it? A sense of anger in his heart Some great rock n' rolls tend to have it, that's why The Who is a great band, or Pearl Jam, Eddie Vader has such anger," he concluded .


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