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    Beautiful Waterfalls Hidden in Pemalang

    Friday, December 15, 2017, December 15, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-16T03:56:19Z
    The sweeping view of Bengkawah
    Who would have thought in Pemalang hidden beautiful waterfalls that will make the traveler stunned. Prove yourself by visiting Curug Bengkawah this weekend.

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    About 45 minutes drive south from Pemalang City there is an area called Randudongkal. The location is located around the foot of Mount Slamet has a cool and beautiful atmosphere.

    Looking from Near Curug Bengkawah
    There are many natural spots that are still hidden, one of which is Curug Bengkawah. Curug is still very beautiful because access to the curug is pretty hard so not many know.

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    Curug has not been managed properly, road access is still minimal and can only be passed by motorcycle. Guard and monitoring posts were not there so it is very vulnerable for visitors to the occurrence of accidents.

    Cool water Curug Bengkawah
    This has happened several times since the strong currents and deep waterfalls are already quite a lot of victims of drowning. There was only one resident on guard in the parking lot. Residents were also reminded visitors not to swim in the middle.

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    After parking the vehicle, we will walk through the barbecue around 5 minutes. The first time we arrive at the location the atmosphere is so cool and mystical impression let alone there is a big tree around the waterfall.

    Silent Curved Waterfall
    However, the beauty presented Curug Bengkawah is very beautiful and able to eliminate all the fatigue during the trip. The stream of heavy water and its large size reminds us of Niagara Falls in the mini version.

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    Rice fields to Curug Bengkawah
    Around the waterfall there is enough land space and can to build a tent. The atmosphere is quiet makes Curug Bengkawah an attractive destination for lovers of silence.


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