Exciting! Marquez and Pedrosa Racing using Motor 4 stroke -->
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    Exciting! Marquez and Pedrosa Racing using Motor 4 stroke

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017, December 05, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-06T03:33:14Z
    Exciting! Marquez and Pedrosa Racing Motorcycle Ducks
    Photo: Pool (hondaracingcorporation)
    Motegi - The 2017 season race is over. Honda is down in several racing classes both cars and motorcycles were celebrating the results of the 2017 race at Circuit Motegi, Japan, last weekend.

    The event titled Honda Racing Thanks Day features Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) riders, such as MotoGP riders Marc Marqez and Dani Pedrosa, MXGP TIm Gajser riders, to Jenson Button and Stoffel Vandoorne formula drivers.

    One of the exciting activities at Honda Racing Thanks Day is a race with an unusual ride. Marquez and Pedrosa, for example, they enjoy racing with formula cars and duck bikes.

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    On Saturday, yesterday, Marquez and Pedrosa tried to race with formula cars. They enjoyed the race using the F3 racing car for the first time on the Motegi Twin Ring circuit.

    In addition to F3 cars, Marquez and Pedrosa on Sunday trying to race motorcycle ducks. With complete racing clothes and Honda Super Cub motorcycle repsol Honda-style Honda MotoGP, Marquez, Pedrosa and other riders compete fast on the track racing.

    When using a motorcycle duck, Marquez and Pedrosa seem funny. Usually use motor racing that runs up to 300 km / h, they now use a smaller-looking duck motor, but still with their respective racing styles.

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    Not only that, Honda rider is also competing to use karts, Honda cars, like the Honda Jazz.

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