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    Facebook Become The Best Company 2017, It's 10 Facilities That Make Envy

    Thursday, December 7, 2017, December 07, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-08T04:09:02Z
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    Facebook is known as one of the millennial company's dreams. Not just because of the big name, the social networking company is also known to provide many facilities for its employees. This year, Facebook was chosen as the best workplace by Glassdoor. No wonder it remembers the many attractive benefits that workers can get. Here are 10 of them:

    Maternity leave for women and men
    Almost every workplace provides time off when workers give birth. But on Facebook, maternity leave or adoption for four months is not only given to women but also men.

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    Great Childbirth
    When the Facebook worker had children, Mark Zuckerberg's company gave a substantial allowance of US $ 4,000. Facebook also supports workers financially for egg freezing and adoption.

    Eat Abundantly
    Most big companies in America give free lunches to the workers. Facebook is one of them. Not just food, snacks are always available to those who are hungry.

    Guaranteed Vehicles
    Facebook workers are not given a vehicle. However, those who use bicycles to the office can enjoy free repair services. As for those who have a car, available valet parking service and free fuel content for electric car owners. This facility can be found at the Menlo Park office.

    Gym membership
    In addition to food, most big companies in America also provide a gym for their workers. On Facebook, those who want to maintain health and body shape can go to the gym anytime and for free.

    Leave Many
    On Facebook, paid leave is given 21 days per year.

    Not Working
    The workers there also will not be bored in the office. Usually every Facebook office provides various games to entertain the employees.

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    Appearances Awake
    Working for a company as big as Facebook might keep employees very busy and do not get to the salon. But there, their appearance will stay awake because supplied a haircut.

    Health Guaranteed
    Health is increasingly guaranteed by the existence of health services for the body and teeth in the office. Free and practical.

    No Hassle Washing
    In Menlo Park's office, workers do not have to worry about laundry. There is a dry cleaning service that can be utilized.


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