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    Fiat Punto So The First Car That Gained a Star Zero in Euro NCAP

    Friday, December 15, 2017, December 15, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-16T03:34:46Z
    Fiat seems to be thinking hard about the results of one of his cars at Euro NCAP. Yap, Fiat Punto which is one of its flagship products achieved poor results in Euro NCAP, not a two star or one star, but a zero star. Raihan is equally embarrassing with Datsun Go and Renaut Duster at Global NCAP.

    But the punch has been received by Fiat, not as severe as the Datsun and Renault, due to the fact, Fiat Punto became the first car in Euro NCAP history to get a zero star score. Certainly a deep shame for Fiat, because if made a list, then Fiat Punto will be the most unsafe car ever tested at Euro NCAP. Surely this is an evaluation for the Italian manufacturer of this, why their production car to achieve such poor results.

    Investigate a calibration, indeed Fiat Punto is sold today is the model year 2012 ago, which is aged 5 years. But if you see the base, this car is actually the Fiat Punto lansiran 2005 which is still maintained until today. That is, there have been 12 years that this car missed to use the latest technology in terms of security. The presumption that the old generation of cars that thick iron plates are safer in fact did not give results in accordance with the assumption itself. A number of new cars that look thinner in plat body business is even safer thanks to the latest security technology.

    And this is what happened to the unfortunate car, the Fiat Punto. Fiat Punto listed 51% results on security tests for adult passengers, and and a 43% rate for children. As for the impact on pedestrians showed the number 52%, and 0% in terms of safety assists. The part that is quite severe is the whiplash protection for the rear seats that got a marginal score, and for the front seat is poor. Yes, maybe the only part that is quite okay is the lateral impact of this car. although no side airbags are installed.

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    Regardless of the outcome, in fact it is thick body plat old car style is not a guarantee the car can be safe, because we already exist in 2017 bro. Many emerging technologies that can make the new car much safer, although it seems thin body plate. Better yet, many preventive security features are already embedded in today's cars.


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