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    Great Mystery Not Revealed: Who Is the Creator of Bitcoin?

    Thursday, December 7, 2017, December 07, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-08T03:37:37Z
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    Bitcoin, the digital currency that became the favorite currency of the virtual satan on the rise and its value could break USD 16 thousand. But who is the creator of bitcoin until this moment, has not been revealed even though a lot of hunting done.

    By 2015, the home of someone suspected of being a bitcoin creator of a federal Australian police force. The house is occupied by an Australian businessman named Craig Steven Wright, whose name suddenly rose after Wired and Gizmodo reported. The two media mentioned Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity, the name of the bitcoin creator.

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    Nakamoto's original identity was previously very mysterious since the first bitcoin was released in 2009. But along with the rising value of bitcoin currencies, the curiosity of many parties regarding the original identity of the creator continues to increase.

    Wright's first name was triggered by Wired, who mentioned that they had plenty of strong evidence linking Wright and a man named David Kleiman with Nakamoto.

    The same was written by Gizmodo, who found similar evidence. In early November 2015, Gizmodo received anonymous emails from someone claiming to know Satoshi Nakamoto's identity and confessing that he was the employee of the bitcoin creator.

    "I hacked Satoshi Nakamoto This is a file that comes from his business account and that person is Dr Craig Wright," he wrote in the email, accompanied by files that seemed to be taken directly from Craig Wright's Outlook account.

    Wright himself is an Australian citizen, computer engineer, lecturer, entrepreneur, and a person who has many academic degrees and many companies are connected to his name.

    He in 2014 had published his plan to create the first bitcoin bank in the world. On its LinkedIn page it says that Wright is CEO of DeMorgan Ltd., a company focused on alternative currencies.

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    Then also comes the name of David Kleiman, associated with Wright. He is a retired US soldier, who lives in Florida. Kleiman became a computer forensic expert since 1995, after he suffered a motorcycle accident, which also made him have to use a wheelchair.

    Kleiman is said to have deposits of bitcoin funds worth up to hundreds of millions of US dollars. He is also seen deeply involved with the currency, as well as with Wright's plans.

    "Craig, I think you're crazy and this is very risky, but I believe in what we're trying to do," Kleiman wrote in an email to Wright.

    Wright himself actually spoke in public in October 2015 in a panel discussion with a number of bitcoin experts. "I have several degrees, I have a degree in law, statistics, and several doctoral degrees," he said.

    When asked about the connection with bitcoin, he simply replied, "Uh, I've been involved in all this for a very long time, I tried and survived, and I keep trying to be invisible to the public," Wright said.

    Indeed, his remark did not clearly mention that he is the creator of bitcoin. But in a document he recorded never send an email to three friends using email address

    Wright sent the email to an Australian senator named Arthur Sinodinos to try to persuade the senator about the regulation of bitcoin currencies. The email was signed by Satoshi Nakamoto, but listed Wright's phone number. Then there was an e-mail from a man named Andrew Sommer, a lawyer from Sydney, Australia, who is a lawyer from Wright.

    Well, the email address satoshi @ vistomail is apparently often used by Nakamoto when the new bitcoin is released. Nakamoto uses the email to communicate with bitcoin users and developers.

    Hours after the report was published, Australian federal police raided Craig Wright's home. Police call the raid unrelated bitcoin problem, but a tax investigation of Craig Wright. And finally until now, there is no solid evidence that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

    In 2014 there was a man named Dorian Nakamoto who was accused by Newsweek as the creator of bitcoin. But the allegations are unproven, and Dorian issues his right of reply by calling him not a bitcoin creator.

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    Well the most recent, the name Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, surfaced as a creator of bitcoin. Former apprentice Tesla, Sahil Gupta through the blog describes the first Bitcoin in 2008 created by someone with the following characteristics: having a deep understanding of the field of economy and cryptography.

    Gupta says these two traits are owned by Musk. In addition, Tesla and SpaceX bosses also mastered the C ++ coding language used to create Bitcoin.

    "No, a friend ever sent Bitcoin a few years ago, but I forgot where his Bitcoin is," Musk said in response to the rumor, through his Twitter account recently.


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