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    Here's How to Get the Right Way to Save Fuel

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017, December 05, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-06T06:23:29Z
    Photo: Newspress
    A fuel-saving car can be considered to be one of the considerations of someone when going to buy a car. Actually saving fuel not only from the car but also can be done by driving the right way.

    Launched page Toyota, Sunday (3/12/2017) here are five tips that can be done when driving to save fuel.

    1. Do not Jump Into Gas Pedal deeply

    Photo: Renault
    When you want to step on the gas pedal do not directly push deep. By stepping on the gas pedal too deep can affect the waste of fuel in vain. Speed ​​0-24 km / h do not have to be taken in a hurry, with five seconds alone is enough to save fuel. For manual transmission car, try the position of the gas pedal when stepped not too deep and not too above. Then the change of teeth can also be done at the position of the rpm between 2000 and 2500.

    2. Keep Constant Velocity

    Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja
    Keeping the speed of the car can constantly save fuel up to 20 percent. One of the easiest methods when driving is to enable the cruise control feature. But it seems applicable to modern cars only Otolovers yes.

    3. Do not slip while driving
    Photos: YouTube
    Slippage when driving is not recommended. In addition to dangerous, apparently these activities can also make the waste of fuel. Watch the streets around especially when there are riders and pedestrians who come suddenly. Do not forget also to keep the distance with the vehicle in front of ya.

    4. Do not Get used to braking the car in impromptu

    Photos: AFP
    Sudden braking may be done to prevent the occurrence of collisions. But for ordinary driving situations to obey rules such as stopping before traffic lights are helpful in saving fuel. Not just saving fuel, driving according to the rules and not brake suddenly also good for tire conditions. Of course also will save the cost of maintenance and servicing tires.

    5. No Need Fast Speed

    Photo: Dikhy Sasra
    Indeed, some models have different engine spec but from the official website of the United States government about the most fuel savings circulating in Uncle Sam's country every 5 km / hour increase when the car is driven more than 50 km / hour as well as paying US $ 14 cents per gallon Fuel. Driving slowly apart can save money on fuel can also reduce the likelihood of a fine for violating certain speed limits.


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