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    No More Bread, Baked Sweet Potato Topping Now Trendy!

    Wednesday, December 6, 2017, December 06, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-06T08:53:29Z
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    The popularity of sweet potato is increasing. Now many people start toasting with baked potato as a breakfast menu.

    Given #sweetpotatotoast tags in Instagram You will find many photo uploads of baked potato creations. This menu is preferred because it is considered healthy like avocado toast which is also a trend some time ago.

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    Makes roasted sweet potatoes as toast. First, choose large and wide sweet potatoes. Split two horizontally with a thick enough size like fresh bread.
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    Add the sweet potato sheet to the toaster or toaster. Bake with high heat for 1-2 times or it could be 3-4 times depending on toasters owned. Bake until the surface of the sweet potato. Approx for 15 minutes.

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    After that, lift and add toppings according to taste. Many people like to add pieces of fruit, peanut butter or avocado as roasted yam topping.

    This kind of yam processing technique has made many people now prefer it more than bread. Cassava is considered more tasty, tasty, and have an interesting appearance.
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    No one knows where the idea of ​​this dish came from. But Kesley Preciado is one of the first foodies to try this trend and upload it on her blog, Little Bits Of. He uploaded his personal recipe and explained that roasted sweet potatoes can be easily made and can be useful to limit his gluten intake.

    "A few weeks ago I woke up and wanted to eat avocado bread," Kesley said as she said the first try her first baked recipe on the Daily Mail (1/12).

    "So I cut some sweet potatoes, made my first roasted sweet potatoes and uploaded them to Instagram," he added.

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    Kelsey was not the inventor of roasted yam, but she was the first to make viral roasted potatoes. This trend is mostly reviewed in Instagram media. In recent weeks, Instagram has been flooded with various posts of baked potato creations to reach 12,513 uploads and will certainly continue to grow.

    Kelsey made recipe easy to make with only takes 15 minutes. It's the right choice to make breakfast filling before you work. If you do not have a bread grill, you can use a microwave or oven to bake sweet potatoes.


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