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    Poor John Legend & Wife, Want to Tokyo Airplane instead Back and forth to the US

    Wednesday, December 27, 2017, December 27, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-28T06:03:54Z
    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in flight ANA (@ chrissyteigen / Twitter)
    Los Angeles - Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are planning a trip to Tokyo. One of the passengers, the plane that went back and forth for 11 hours to Los Angeles.

    Squinted updetails.com from various sources, Thursday (28/12/2017) Teigen plans to celebrate John Legend's birthday in Tokyo. They also flew by using All Nippon Airways or ANA from Los Angeles, USA.

    This flight should take 4 hours. However, undesirable events occur. The plane that was flying to Tokyo suddenly turned around.

    "My first flight: 4 hours to 11 hours flight and we turned because there are passengers who should not be on the plane why why should we come back, I do not know," cuit Teigen in twitter account.

    It turns out that Teigen and John carrying aircraft carry passengers who are not supposed to be on ANA flights. Through his twitter, he also confirmed that the passengers should be on the United flight.

    "They keep saying the guy has a United ticket, we're at ANA, so basically the boarding pass scanner is just a beading machine that makes the beading sounds everywhere." Teigen wrote irritably.

    While in the plane, the bored Teigen began to upload the food provided in the form of ramen that looks like a normal brewed noodle.
    Wasting 11 hours, Jond Legend also celebrated his birthday on the plane. Not wanting to lose the moment, Teigen makes John hat off paper and tied with a charger cable.

    "It's john's birthday here in the sky! Wish @johnlegend a happy birthday !," Teigen wrote.

    Along the way, Teigen continues to provide the latest news of his circumstances. Until finally, according to Teigen's confession, he and John were transferred to a private class in order to be 'silent'.

    "I have been moved to a room with Bravo." Clearly the authorities are trying to keep me quiet so I do not BLOW THE LID OFF THIS 'SITCH', "Teigen explains.

    Upon returning to Los Angeles, the police keep trying to keep the identity of the passengers a secret. Teigen also hopes that they will quickly reach Tokyo.

    Traveler who want to vacation should check properly tickets and flights. Do not get the wrong plane and injure many parties. Have a good vacation!


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