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    The Story of Keanu Reeves who Slicing Heart, Holywood celebrities Anomalies

    Thursday, December 28, 2017, December 28, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-29T03:50:36Z
    Keanu Reeves |
    In 1999 Keanu Reeves became the most famous actor in the world.

    The Matrix film starring exploded and made US $ 463 million.

    The film was also nominated for four Academy Awards. Unfortunately, Keanu's life path is not as good as his career.

    The life of the 51-year-old actor is pathetic. Even by his fans he was aka as the sad Keanu.

    Keanu was born in Beirut, Lebanon from a British woman's womb, Patricia Bond. His father was a man from Hawaii, USA, Samuel Reeves.

    At the age of 3 years Keanu and his mother left the father who was involved in drugs. He and his mother then moved to Canada.

    There his mother remarried with another man.

    Medio 1998 Keanu met Jennifer Syme. Both fall in love. A year later Jennifer became pregnant.

    Keanu was excited. He will be a father! But God wants another. Their child died so born.

    Hose 18 later, Syme, her beloved woman also died in an accident.

    Keanu himself lifted Syme's coffin to the grave and described it with the phrase, "the loss of love in my life".

    At the same time, his younger sibling who had only mild blood cancer had turned into a cancer of malignant blood.

    Keanu fought it out for the best treatment for his sister. So, complete Keanu's misery.

    In an interview with Paradise Magazine, Keanu said, "Grief can change shape, but it will never end."

    A very grief will usually affect a person. So is Keanu.

    But instead of depression and drooping, he would rather change his outlook on life.

    When the sequel to the movie The Matrix exploded, Keanu distributed US $ 80 million of the total US $ 114 million honorarium and bonus to the entire Matrix team crew.

    "This film will never be contrived without their hard work. So just as well they get a decent bonus, "said Keanu.

    Likewise with other films. Keanu almost never received his honor intact.

    Surely she would pass it out to someone she thought she needed.

    In contrast to his fortune, Keanu prefers to live in simple flats rather than luxury homes.

    He became the only famous actor of Holywood who had no fancy mansion. The clothes he wore were simple.

    Keanu is often caught on paparazzi cameras and his fans' eyes spend time chatting and sharing cakes with homeless people.
    Keanu reeves caught on camera was sharing his food with a bum.

    Despite never saying directly, Keanu seemed to say that happiness can be invited by sharing with others.

    "Money is no longer something I care about. The money I have has enough to live for centuries.

    So, better the money was distributed to the people in need, "explained Keanu.

    Oddly enough, the more he distributes the money, the more his wealth increases. Allah is miraculous indeed.


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