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    Traveler Record Visits '3 Sun' in Swedish Skies

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017, December 05, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-06T04:17:59Z
    Photos: '3 Sun' visions in Sweden (@Ludvig Lundin / Facebook)
    Vemdalen - Seeing the sun in the sky is common, but what about 3? Rare natural phenomenon was recorded by a traveler from Sweden.

    Is Ludvig Lundin, a traveler from Sweden who managed to record the moment. Not only recording, Ludvig also shared his videos via his personal Facebook page.

    Collected from various sources on Wednesday (6/12/2017), Ludvig known to take the video while on holiday in a ski resort in Vemdalen Sweden as reported by the Daily Mail.

    In the video footage posted Ludwig, it looks as if there were 3 suns in the sky. Can you imagine how cool?

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    Known, it is a rare natural phenomenon called 22 degree halos. It is a sign of the existence of clouds of sirus that reflect sunlight to create the effect of the illusion of the sun in the form of a halo or halo around it as reported EarthSky site.

    Video rare phenomenon also invites click amazed from the warganet. Some even call it the phenomenon of angelic appearance.

    "It looks like the picture you imagined before seeing an angel start making the first light in Jordan's sky at Christmas," says netizen David D Sterling.

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    "It's an incredible sight! If you never heard anything about it, it's natural that the phenomenon is like coming from outside this world," said the citizen named Megan Tenaya Birchell.

    Here's a video recording below:



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