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    Trump Celebrate Hanukkah After Admitting Jerusalem So the Capital of Israel

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017, December 12, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-12-13T04:36:14Z
    Politico / AP Photo / Alex Brandon
    Donald Trump
    Washington - US President Donald Trump celebrates Hanukkah (Temple Festival) after delivering his statement about Jerusalem.
    Trump finally officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, at the White House, Washington, Wednesday (6/12/2017) local time.
    Through the statement, Trump also announced the planned transfer of the US Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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    Thursday (7/12/2017), Trump attended a dinner at the White House, in order Hanukkah Day.
    The event was attended by about 300 people who are majority Jewish communities in the US.

    "I know there must be many happy people in this room," Trump said, opening his speech, referring to his statement about Jerusalem.
    "Today is also supposed to be something special.Hope you all blessed, Happy Hanukkah Day," he said.
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    Although Trump's admission tends to trigger counter-reaction from the US Jewish community, especially from liberal groups, the Jewish audience on Thursday seemed happy.

    Rabbi Meir Soloveichik led a prayer for Hanukkah celebrations on the occasion.
    In his prayer, Soloveichik was grateful for Trump's statement for "confessing something that has always been true (the Jewish people) as a truth".
    Trump also invited a survivor of the Holocaust (Nazi Nazi German genocide against millions of Jews in Europe), Louise Lawrence-Israels, who shared his experience with the audience.
    "We can not let such a thing happen again, and hatred and prejudice should have no place in the world," said Lawrence-Israels.

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    Trump was accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump and her eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, who married a Jew.
    Through his confession about Jerusalem, Trump said he only kept what he promised during the presidential campaign in 2016.
    "Unlike previous US presidents who have promised this in their campaign, but failed to fulfill it, today, I fulfill my promise," Trump said.

    Trump said the recognition marked the start of a new approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    In addition, Trump also asserted that with his admission, he did not intend to determine that the whole area of ​​Jerusalem would officially become the territory of Israel.

    "We do not intend to be a determinant of the status of the territory and other such related matters, including the question of Israel's specific sovereignty boundaries in Jerusalem," he said.
    Trump's statement also sparked criticism and criticism from some of the country's leaders.
     (Times of Israel / Politico)


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