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5 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier and Happy Life

Many simple ways to live a healthier and happier life, one of them is grateful / Photo: iStock
Healthy and happy life is what everyone wants most. When people have both of these things, of course their life will feel perfect.

Many think that it takes a long time and the cost is not small to get both of them. When in fact there is a simple way to get it. As quoted from Women's Weekly, here are 5 simple ways to live a healthy and happy life:

1. Learn something new

Positive psychologist Vanessa King says learning is a core need for psychological well-being and building confidence. Learning something new, it is easy to exchange skills with a friend or can also take online courses that can be obtained free of charge.

2. Do something creative

Combining creativity into everyday life not only makes us feel comfortable at that time alone but also can improve overall welfare.

"Learning something new in life can trigger another idea, plus curiosity and creative thinking, both of which will go hand in hand," King said.

3. Identify oneself

Seligman researchers found that people who found their own ability or power had higher life satisfaction over a long period of time.

4. Be grateful for something

Being grateful has long been shown to improve your well-being. As an American artist, Agnes Martis writes that the measure of human life is the amount of beauty and happiness to be grateful for.

5. Do good

Kindness has a profound effect on our happiness. A study found that people feel happier when asked to remember the act of generosity in the past. Thus encouraging them to take good action in the present.

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