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    Boomer Esiason on Jaguars penalties: 'It's Gillette Stadium, so the flags have to come out'

    Sunday, January 21, 2018, January 21, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-01-22T03:15:48Z
    While it’s become somewhat of a national pastime to suggest the NFL officials are in the bag for the New England Patriots, it seems liked not even the biggest of conspiracy theorists could quibble with two penalties that were called on the Jacksonville Jaguars just before halftime on Sunday.

    Of course, the key word there is “seemed.”

    CBS analyst Boomer Esiason took issue with at least one of the calls during halftime of the AFC championship, saying he didn’t agree with the pass interference call on A.J. Bouye and that New England’s home-field advantage played a role . The penalty, which looked like a penalty to these eyes, put the Patriots in prime position to close the Jaguars’ lead to 14-10.

    Those ended up being big points as the Patriots walked away with a 24-20 win to send them to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

    “It’s Gillette Stadium so the flags have to come out, don’t they boys?” Esiason said.

    Photo by (AP)
    As for Esiason’s feelings on Barry Church’s helmet to helmet hit that drove Rob Gronkowski from the game? Well, he let Doug Marrone speak for it there, saying that the Jaguars coach agreed with the call (as well he should have).



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