Cool, Japan is Developing Transformers Car

Photo: Reuters
Tokyo - Japan's Sakura State is synonymous with sophisticated technology. Now, Japan is reportedly developing a car that can 'fold yourself' like robots in Mobile Suit Gundam or Transformers. Named Earth-1, the car has electric power and sells for 8 million yen (£ 52,000).

Reported The Sun, Friday (18/1/2018), the car is still bearing the title of prototye is designed by animated artist Mobile Suit Gundam directly, Kunio Okawara. Tired of designing various robotic designs, ships, or other mechanical objects in the anime, Okawara wants to make cars like Gundam or Optimus Prime in real version Transformers.

Together with a Tokyo-based startup firm, Four Link Systems, he hopes that his design car is capable of breaking the standard and can be blessed to operate on the streets. Because, it was enough to order this unique car.

So how to operate it? Not using the transmission on the car normally, to control Earth-1 its users will be served a joystick. Because until now there has been no mechanism for folding the car frame, therefore Four Link must develop the motor engine and its own particular components.

But in some future time, he will be installed as the transmission of cars that are already operating on the streets. Cool is not it?

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