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» » » » » » » » » » » » EastEnders fans fear Mick Carter has been shot dead in the New Day cliffhanger after the theft was wrong

EastEnders fans fear Mick Carter has been shot dead in the New Year's cliffhanger.

The owner of Queen Vic participated in a demonstration hosted by Aidan Maguire alongside fellow Walford resident Phil Mitchell, Vincent Hubbard and Keanu Taylor.

EastEnders fans fear Mick Carter has been shot dead after the theft was wrong
But after the van they were targeting was pulled to a dead-end near The Arches, the plan became chaotic.

As the gang pointed their fake gun to the driver, he ordered the two men behind to open the door and lay down their weapons.

Standing behind the van, Mick and Keanu braced themselves as the door opened but Mick - played by Danny Dyer - got a shock in his life as he recognized one of the men.

"This is it" he said as they pointed at each other, but before anything could be said again, gunfire was heard around the Field and Mick seemed to fall back.

Mick recognized one of the men behind the van just before the gunfire was heard

Mick's wife, Linda screamed in horror after a shot was heard
While the camera did not look down to see who was falling, Mick Linda's wife and Shirley's mother watched the confrontation, after running to try to stop Mick from getting involved.

As the shots were heard, Linda screamed and howl when Shirley hugged her, her own face glittering, prompting many fans to believe that Mick was taking the bullet.

Within seconds the famous 'duff duff' show kicked them, bringing Twitter into the droves to share their despair for being left out in such a crucial mood.

The one wrote: "OMG NOT MICKKK" while others added: "Omg Mick shot @bbceastenders #eastenders."

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