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    Hazard Disappointed Chelsea Score Facing Arsenal

    Wednesday, January 3, 2018, January 03, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-01-04T02:22:47Z
    Arsenal vs Chelsea
    Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, satisfied with the scheme he did without Eden Hazard able to bear a landslide victory 5-0 over Stoke City in the Premier League 2017-2018. (AFP / Ian Kington)
    Chelsea can only draw 2-2 against Arsenal at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday (3/1/2017) or Thursday morning GMT in the Premier League continued. This result leaves Eden Hazard disenfranchised.

    In the action, London Cannon, Arsenal's title, ahead first through Jack Wilshere in the 63rd minute. But the Blues, nicknamed Chelsea, managed to equalize in the 67th minute.

    Chelsea equalized after referee Anthony Taylor awarded a penalty for Eden Hazard being fouled by Hector Bellerin inside the forbidden box. Hazard who became executor successfully carry out their duties well.

    "We do not need to see a rerun.That is a penalty," said Hazard, quoted from Sports Mole.

    The Blues turned ahead in the 84th minute after Marcos Alonso broke down an Arsenal goalkeeper who escorted Petr Cech. Chelsea's victory was in front of the split after Hector Bellerin goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

    Many Opportunities

    Arsenal vs Chelsea

    Hazard looked still upset with the failure of his team to gain three points at home to Arsenal. The reason, Chelsea release 14 opportunities, five of them on target.

    Three chances of Blues striker Alvaro Morata already one by one melwan Cech also failed to produce results.

    "Cech is a great goalkeeper, it is very difficult to score against his side, I think Chelsea deserved to win this game with the opportunities we have," said the Belgian national team player.

    Chelsea's position
    Arsenal vs Chelsea

    A draw makes Chelsea lost the runner-up position. They are in third place with 46 points, shifted Manchester United who collected 47 points.

    "Maybe we have to score a lot of goals (against Arsenal), we missed some chances.The final shot should have been a goal," Hazard said.


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