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    Jessica's Story, So Mama's Success Is Hot After the Birth of 7 Children

    Thursday, January 18, 2018, January 18, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-01-19T04:03:08Z
    Jessica's Story, So Mama's Success Is Upon Being 7 Children
    Success for lean body after childbirth. Photo: Instagram / jessicaenslow
    Jessica Enslow is a mother of seven. But her physical appearance does not show it at all. She looked so young with her slender stomach.

    The story became a concern in cyberspace. Whereas initially Jessica also admitted was depressed to see her body after giving birth to her first child in 1994.

    "Home from the hospital, I wear my jeans and was surprised because the jeans were only able to get into the thighs," he said.

    The woman from Utah was then doing a makeshift sport until giving birth to her 7th child in 2013. At that time he even claimed to eat Nutella every day and sports carelessly.

    "That's when I feel the composition of my body is not good and I decided to change it," said Jessica as reported by the Daily Mail.

    Luckily, Jessica's husband and children support her efforts to change her lifestyle, starting in February 2017.

    Jessica trained her body at the gym three times a week when her children were at school. At the gym, he does strength training and cardio exercises. Especially on Monday, Jessica gets up early to do cardio exercises.

    "If there is desire, there must be a way," he wrote in instagram motivating.

    Talking about diet, Jessica admits using her intuition to keep her weight up. He trains himself to stop eating when he is satisfied, but not fully satisfied.

    He also made sure to eat lots of protein sources at each meal, plus carbohydrates from oatmeal and whole wheat bread and fruits.

    Make no mistake, Jessica does not avoid snacking, but she tries to eat only sandwiches, fries, cereals or a little chocolate or just simply to satisfy her wishes. But if the desire snacking passionate, Jessica chose to eat protein chips.

    "There are people who cheat to motivate them, but I avoid it because my metabolism can not overcome the burgers, fries, milkshakes or desserts," he explained.

    However, he insists consistency is the key to weight loss after pregnancy.

    "Just be consistent and if you fail, stand up again and start from scratch," he concluded.

    Jessica added, to get the ideal body, the mothers do not need to do the same exercise with him. It encourages them to modify their own exercises so they feel comfortable and are motivated to exercise.


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