Miracle in Mauritius, 'Waterfall' In The Sea

The phenomenon of 'waterfall' in the sea in Mauritius (Youtube)
Port Louis - A photograph of natural landscapes in the country of Mauritius Island horrend the traveler. In the photo it looks like a waterfall in the ocean. A wonder of nature or an illusion of the eye?

Photos of the magical ocean is busy on Youtube and also media coverage in the UK such as the Daily Mail. This phenomenon is indirectly a tourism promotion for Mauritius's small country in the Indian Ocean near Africa. The picture is amazing and make a curious traveler.

As viewed updetails.com on Youtube, Wednesday (4/3/2015) it is a view of the beach near Mount Le Morne on the southwestern tip of Mauritius Island. Seen beneath a clear ocean, the sand on the bottom of the ocean is like falling into a deep chasm with the sea water!

How come? Is it possible there is a waterfall in the sea that is fully water? Apparently, it is an illusion of the eye that only exists in Mauritius. What really happens is, the sand drifted into the ocean.

If viewed with the right angle, will create the illusion of a 'waterfall' in the ocean. Sand and seawater seem to fall into the abyss.

Photos of the cool scenery of Mauritius is scattered in cyberspace by the name of Underwater Vortex Mauritius. In fact, this eye illusion can also be seen with Google Maps. Just enter the coordinates -20.472893,57.311976 and you can come to see this miracle from the computer screen.

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