This figure of Two-faced Cars Owner in Bandung

This figure of Two-faced Cars Owner in Bandung. Photo: Mukhlis Dinillah
Bandung - Two-faced cars horrendous citizens of Bandung. The modified car coming from the two taxi cars has two engines. Yuk get acquainted with the owner of the car.

Roni Gunawan, the owner of the unique car. The 71-year-old grandfather works daily as the head of the GR taxi workshop in Bandung. He revealed the beginning of the idea of ​​changing the car

"The idea for this car modification appeared around last October, I again dawdled suddenly came the idea pengen car modifications," said Roni to in garage GR Taxi, Babakan Street, Cibeureum, Bandung, Wednesday (17/1/2018).

He said the idea was only realized a month afterwards precisely last September. He saw two units of Toyota Limo taxi cars in 2012 in the workshop parked just like that still works well.

Without thinking, Roni then conveyed his thoughts to a number of his men. He asked five of his men to turn two taxi cars into a two-faced car.

"I have bought two cars that I have bought and then I ask my men not to be modified like this, they asked for time to think about it, I said if it fails, then after three days they finally want to, the two children.

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