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    4 Culinary 'Mixed' From Indonesia, Let The Weird But Make Addicted

    Thursday, February 22, 2018, February 22, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-07-05T04:06:59Z
    Ever did you try a new culinary menu, but it does not seem to match expectations? Instead of enjoying delicious food, you instead feel a strange sensation on the tongue. Yes, tight competition to get a distinctive taste has penetrated into the world perkulineran Indonesia. So do not be surprised if there is now a culinary with mixed feelings, the purpose of the seller is that their food is different from the others.

    Like works of art, some culinary with unusual taste is still quite rare, recently in Jombang instead there is meatso flavor durian. Curious is not it? Let's see his successful review updetails.com summarizes the following.

    Not meat, meatballs in Jombang this is Durian

    During this time, we find meatballs kikil, meat, or firecrackers. What happens if the meatball is served with the contents of durian in it? This unique meatball can be found on Jalan Raya Dusun Mojoanyar, Mojotengah Village, Bareng Sub-district, Jombang. The owner, Marta said if first came the idea to make this meatballs because his family is very fond of durian fruit. From there Marta took the initiative to create a new flavor variant on the baksonya, so unique he said.
    Meatball taste durian
    How to make meatball taste durian is quite easy. Ripe durian fruit sautéed without oil and then put into meatball as stuffing, then, meatballs wrapped in plastic. Because the price is only 10 thousand dollars per bowl, no wonder if the shop Marta never deserted visitors, some even come from out of town loh. Those who enjoy also recognize if this Marta meatball has a unique taste sensation, but delicious and has not been found anywhere. Wow, so want to try ya.

    Beef steaks with seasoning coffee sauce in Garut

    Before reading the above article, maybe we just know if the coffee can be a drink, the smell on the cake, as well as some flavor candy. But, operator creative culinary in Garut make coffee as a sauce on beef steak. This creative menu is only offered by Djawara restaurant in Jalan Cimanuk 336, Garut regency. It looks like most meat stef usually, it's just more dominance of strong coffee taste.

    Steak Meat Flavored Coffee Sauce
    When you eat this steak, you will feel the sensation of melted alloy between beef and coffee sauce, a mixture of potatoes, pokcoy leaves, and some types of vegetables will also make the steak more enjoyable. The use of coffee for this sauce is actually intended to make beef more tender and not tough. Well, thanks to the many creativity of this Garut dubbed with Swiss van Java.

    Chilli ice cream, sweet nano-nano spicy

    If bored with ice cream that tastes so sweet-so wrote, you can try this one ice cream. No less than the two culinary above, in Jakarta there is ice cream served with chili sauce. Yes, the sauce that we enjoy with fried or crackers, can now be eaten with ice cream is notabenenya cold and sweet. This idea comes from chef Bara Pattiradjawane or known as Chef Bara greeting when filling in an event.

    Ice cream taste sauce
    According to him, culinary Indonesia that feels so-so just make us have to be more creative in managing the taste, in order to create a masterpiece with a unique new flavor. This culinary will be very suitable on the tongue, especially for the Javanese people who are familiar with spicy sweet. One should be noted, the dose of chili sauce mixed with ice cream should really fit so that it feels united, not dominated one of them.

    Pancake flavored beef, dare try?

    Originally from the Netherlands, often dubbed as sweet and delicious pancakes. In Indonesia there are several types of pancakes that we often encounter, such as apem and surabi. As the name implies, this cake is usually served with sweet topping like milk, chocolate sauce, and fruit jam. But, indeed the Indonesian people like to try various things, sweet cake is combined with a sense of beef in contrast.

    Pancake flavored beef

    In one of the pancake stalls in Bandung salty snacks are quite attractive, although the alloy may be less fit on the tongue. This pancake is made like a burger, mixed with vegetables and carrots, and coated with a little beef. Hmm, what's it like?

    For culinary connoisseurs, 4 food menus with mixed flavors above may be tried. Where else can taste a different food taste than usual if not in Indonesia? Sure, it will feel strange at the beginning, but according to who has ever tried the food above, the tongue will adapt by itself.

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