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    Astonishing! On the Road, 2 The Car Is Suddenly Hovering / Flying

    Friday, February 23, 2018, February 23, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-02-24T07:39:21Z

    Astonishing! On Road, 2 The Car Suddenly Hover Photo: Pool (Instagram)
    An astonishing incident took place on the streets. But this one is rare, it never seems to happen. Like a movie, two cars are drove suddenly hovering like someone is sucking it.

    As seen from the uploaded video Instagram account @ 59sec. Two cars on the run suddenly hovering high enough, not clear what causes it.

    Not yet known where the incident occurred. From the video seen the first car berkelir gray is moving at a moderate pace, but when you just want to cross the intersection of the car suddenly stopped and floated like there is a suck from above.

    Not just a gray SUV car, the second car berkelir white not far behind the first car was sucked in too. Fortunately the third car swiftly, immediately stopped to see two cars in front of him flying.

    Whether true or just a mere editing, this must be quite astonishing.



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