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    Bugatti's New Program Provides 15 Year Warranty For Veyron

    Sunday, February 11, 2018, February 11, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-02-12T03:37:58Z

    The usual car warranty we know most only ranges from 3 years, 5 years or even 7 years. Well, if anyone offers a 15 year warranty, how? There are you who offer, and the culprit is not a regular car brand, but a hypercar brand. Bugatti introduces the Loyalty Maintenance Program for Veyron owners around the world.

    This new Bugatti program will help Veyron owners keep the condition of their cars while giving Bugatti a chance to make sure the car they make is still excellent. This program is part of Extended Warranty and Extended Warranty Plus program from Bugatti that can guarantee Veyron 15 years. Bugatti hopes this program can help reduce operational costs for the owners, because the cost of maintaining the Veyron is very expensive.

    "The combination of a confirmed vehicle history, Bugatti certified warranty and support by Bugatti Customer Service make a difference for Veyron owners, and this is more than just a seal of approval," said Franco Utzeri, head of Bugatti Certified and Financial Services. "We are committed to providing a thorough ownership experience for our unique customers in the automotive world."

    To get the Bugatti Certified seal, the Veyron to be assessed must pass the inspection where everything will be tested and replaced if necessary. The parts that are checked are not only mechanical parts such as spark plugs but also the body of his own car. If necessary, technicians will update. At the end of the checking process, the Bugatti Certified seal is awarded simultaneously with the extension of the car warranty.

    Bugatti will offer several different treatment packages to Veyron owners so that owners can get the packages that best suit their lifestyle. Providing such variations is a sensible step, because the client is a person with very diverse traits and styles. Never mind the individual, every Veyron just different from each other, considering them bespoke.

    "Our customers use their Bugatti in a very individual way," says Chris Kelly, head of Bugatti Customer Services. "Many owners enjoy driving their cars every day, while others see it as a work of automotive art in their private collections. This means that individual customers have expectations of very different services. We can now meet this expectation much more effectively, according to the wishes of our customers. "

    Some other luxury car manufacturers are also starting to offer their own maintenance program, in hopes of maintaining product quality throughout their already sold cars. Bugatti Loyalty Program is a feasible and appropriate step for Bugatti, especially with sophisticated cars, as fast and expensive as the Veyron.


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