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    Director Logan Will Work on Ford VS Ferrari Movie

    Sunday, February 11, 2018, February 11, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:41Z

    For movie lovers, watching the action of Hugh Jackman in Logan movie that has a touching story plus spicy action scenes will leave a deep impression after the movie is finished. Logan film is the result of director James Mangold who also directed the movie Girl, Interrupted and 3:10 to Yuma, but still his work on Logan is very good.

    Success with Logan, there is news from The Hollywood Reporter that James Mangold will work on a film that tells the story of the feud between Ford and Ferrari. For petrolheads, this includes exciting competition. Ford once had a bit of a grudge with Ferrari, and promised to beat Ferrari on the Le Mans track. That is the origin of the design of the Ford GT40 which is now continued by the supercar Ford GT.

    The original story is, once Ford wanted to buy a Ferrari, and Ferrari agreed. But as Ferrari sees that his contract will limit Ferrari's motorsport career, Enzo Ferrari cancels the deal and leaves the room. The result, Henry Ford wrath and want to slaughter Ferrari in Le Mans. Through all the sweat, blood, cost, energy and tears that come out, finally Ford GT can beat Ferrari in Le Mans.

    The title of Ford VS Ferrari movie is actually not yet determined, but according to the same source, this film will be more focused to the point of view of Ford than Ferrari. "The untitled film will follow an eccentric American team of engineers and designers led by Carroll Shelby, automotive visionary and British racer Ken Miles, sent by Henry Ford II with the mission of building a new racing car with the potential to ultimately defeat the dominant Ferrari at the Le Mans World Championship in 1966, "said The Hollywood Reporter.

    If he can make a good Logan movie, we seem to be very curious how he describes the vein and the car between Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II. Competition between Ford VS Ferrari is one of the famous rivals that changed the history of American brands like Ford, especially in the arena of racing supercars.



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