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Modern House with Night Nuance with Extremely Beautiful Interior!

Today we will visit the interior of residence in Mexico to fully enjoy and overflow comfort on each photo. The design and interior decoration is made by professional expert Victoria Plasencia Interior, who with the eyes and good knowledge to realize the clients' ideas for beautiful and fun rooms for the home by creating a series of friendly, elegant surroundings without losing their home character, and full of life and comfort.

The design and construction of this house is the work of architect Arturo Gonzalez and enjoy every photo of Jorge Silva.

It will invite you to come with us to explore every corner of this house, surely you will love it!

The front of the main house

We start with a view of the front of the main house which is very thoughtful and innocent, it shows us very little about beauty from within. Instead, the design of such an intersecting plane, the wise porch hides the main entrance and the small garden makes a proud graster of large gray walls and lights under the sky and with plants that give a little touch of mystery to the house, charming and magical.

The bar area is lovely

We started our tour inside the most relaxing area of ​​the house: a playroom and a bar. As we see, his style provides an atmosphere of mystery, as if it were underground, and we will soon know why. This room has a bar area with bar, game table, living room and television to enjoy concerts or sports games while enjoying refreshing and delicious drinks.

The red brick wall enhances the simple feeling and porcelain floor tiles with the type of wood. The bar consists of perimeter rod parts that are displayed naturally irregularly, covering a very modern and sleek black cabinet. The important and striking details are the lighting: the industrial style chandelier closes the box of simplicity, elegance, and good taste. Here's an idea to have a sensational home-based minibar!

Surprise Home

This is the reason why the game room and bar look mysterious and underground like: have a wine cellar, and a design environment created specifically to create an ideal atmosphere, how beautiful! With a corner also indoors, bar, comfortable chairs, and good music, welcome night to relax!

Family place

After the most comfortable area in the house, we have this family room, where casual atmosphere does not reduce the impression of elegance. A modern coffee table is sure to be the star of this place with a fine, textured natural trunk with flat gray granite pieces, supported on a simple and modern workshop design. A sofa, wooden chair and leather bench parallel to a modern-designed sofa create a totally eclectic atmosphere in every element, every detail, and every part of the whole that blends harmoniously.

Kitchen and dining area

The social home area provides a space in which the kitchen and dining room are integrated in the same environment. The modern style kitchen is due to the practical style of the shape of the letter L - the layout with the central island that serves as a bar for breakfast, picador, and pantry. High linear high cabinets are bright white, bright, and shiny with stainless steel. The bottom of the cabinets is coated with the final result that simulates lightweight wood, looks different from monochrome but without changing the original and clear pieces.

In the dining room, the homeowner opts for a set of simple and modern looking, elegant, and practical gray furnishings that combine perfectly with the white surroundings and smooth gray walls.

Great Space

In the social area we find the main hall, more thoughtful without losing casual character and comfortable style. A large L-shaped sofa in gray with a mat that is also the same color, the focus of attention of visitors is fixed on the yellow pillow and the attraction of the room: interesting in the middle of the room white and bright.

Do not forget the art on the walls because this color element makes it melt in texture and shape found in the overall design.

Main bedroom

The master bedroom is an elegant and comfortable room. The gray color re-acts together with white, creating an elegant and comfortable environment. The touch of wood on the floor and furniture enhances the feeling of comfort and elegance, as beautiful mahogany colors have elegant display characteristics anywhere.

Linens and textiles follow the color of the room, while the two elegant lamps become the crown of a great sleep with splendid splendor.

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