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    The Incidence of Back Shedding Costs Occurred at the 2018 Winter Olympics

    Monday, February 19, 2018, February 19, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-02-20T02:35:14Z
    Gabriella Papadakis
    French figure-skating figureholder Gabriella Papadakis (right) and Guillaume Cizeron (left) while performing at the 2018 Winter Olympics in the ice dance on Monday (19/2/2018).
    An unfortunate incident of French women figure skating athlete Gabriella Papadakis, in action at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Monday (19/2/2018).

    The incident occurred when Gabriella Papadakis paired up with Cizeron Guillaume performing at Gangneung Ice Arena, PyeongChang.

    At that time Papadakis-Guillaume appeared for an ice dance number on the short dance program.

    Cizeron Guillaume who at the time raised the body of Gabriella Papadakis inadvertently clip the costumes of her partner off.

    Cizeron Guillaume, who at that moment raised the body of Gabriella Papadakis accidentally clip the costume of her partner off.

    Nevertheless, Gabriella Papadakis successfully completed the short dance program well despite having to justify several times its sagging costume.

    From the data obtained, Gabriella Papadakis and Cizeron Guillaume successfully ranked second with a total score of 81.93.

    This result is a valuable capital for this French representative who will compete for medals in the free dance program that was held on Tuesday (20/2/2018).

    The costume incident that Gabriella Papadakis suffered was not the first occurrence of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

    Earlier Yura Min, ice skater from South Korea, also experienced a similar incident when the action down on Sunday (11/2/2018).



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