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» » » » » » » » » » » 15 Strange House Interior Designs That Make Laughter At a Time Confused

An Instagram account is dedicated specifically to capture the unique home interior designs. Account named @ pleasehatethesethings was even initiated by Dina Holland, interior designer who often finds strange house design and decided to upload it on Instagram.

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One of the strangest designs found by Dina is the staircase of a house with a view of this river. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

The bathroom concept is far too unique. Looks like the owner of the house did not want toilet tissue quickly run out so it is hidden in the closet. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Perhaps homeowners want to feel like a king even while being pissed. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

This fireplace looks unique, creepy, and there is also a side of humor. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Looks like this bathroom wants people can take a shower while sitting or pissing. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

It is not clear what the concept of this all-white bedroom. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Very unique desk. But what homeowners are not confused how to put plates and take food? Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

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The purpose of the bedroom as well as this pool is probably to always be able to swim after and before the break or can rest after and before swimming. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Can be considered for you who often want to soak together with a partner but remain separate. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

The giant cat shape sofa looks more strange than unique. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Confused what is the function of this glass barrier. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Bathtubs with high heels shape suitable for you are feminine. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

Unusual bathroom interiors. There's even a snake accent to show where the toilet is. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

You who are bored with the usual tap may be able to replace it with shells. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

The concept of a unique swimming pool as well as confusing. Photo: Instagram @pleasehatethesethings

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