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Jakarta - Autolovers users of Honda CB, CBR or Suzuki GSX? Already know the name of the motor bike? Do not just use the motor, Autolovers also need to know the meaning of his name to be able to answer when asked people.

Do not Wear, Know the Stands of CB, CBR, or GSX? Photo: Abraham Arthemius
Do not Wear, Know the Stands of CB, CBR, or GSX? Photo: Abraham Arthemius

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Motor manufacturers do not randomly call the product. Motorcycles sold in the market also have a name and meaning.

Quoting Ride Apart, some motors have an abbreviated name. Like CB, CBR, and GSX.

The abbreviations usually represent something special. Often a phrase that shows the purpose or inspiration of the motor.
For example GSX-R. The name mentioned is an abbreviation of 'Grand Sport eXperimental-Racing'. Honda CB stands for 'City Bike' which means urban motor. While CBR Stands is 'City Bike Racing' or motor-style racing motor for urban areas.

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While the letter 'RR' which is usually behind the name of Honda motor sport indicates that the motor is sporty and race-oriented, not berarati 'race replica' or race ready '. Unlike the 'RR' in Ducati motorcycle like Desmosedici RR which stands for 'race replica' or replica motor racing.

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