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    All New Suzuki Ertiga 2018 Official Glide, Ready to Fight Xpander!

    Friday, April 27, 2018, April 27, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-04-28T03:35:46Z
    In this 2018 IIMS Suzuki became the center of attention because finally Suzuki Ertiga get a new model after 6 years. First introduced in Indonesia in 2012 ago, Suzuki Ertiga now more relieved, powerful and sophisticated. Let's see what features are offered.

    The exterior of the Suzuki Ertiga is now stretched with an overall length of 4,395 mm, 1,735 mm wide, but the height drops to 1,690 mm and the wheelbase remains the same at 2,740 mm. This means that All New Suzuki Ertiga has a wider cabin, but do not follow-follow the trend that has a high crossover above the average MPV. Then Ertiga also remains compact in terms of dimensions considering LMPV such as Mobilio and Xpander which almost reached 4.5 meters.

    Ertiga 2018 uses floating roof style on its D-pillar
    The latest Ertiga Suzuki design now has a new language that is more intimidating, very different from the Suzuki design language that generally looks as sweet as a new kid at school. The headlamps are now separated between high beam and low beam. For the low beam now Ertiga 2018 is equipped with projector but not with LED or HID, still common halogen. For high beam is also still halogen, and sein lights are now placed near the grille.

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    From the side we are treated to a more firm curve following the front line design. Velgnya still size 15 inches but the design is now more crowded though without accent two tone. For GX variants we get a push button start engine stop on the driver side, chrome door handle and pillar D floating roof model that connects to the rear door glass.

    Rear view is now equipped with LED lights that connect to the top, we've got 2 parking sensors, but the camera back is provided as additional accessories. At the back of this profile the Suzuki Ertiga looks bigger so when opening the rear luggage, we find the third row seat is more proper and the trunk is now wider with 50:50 rear seat folding configuration and keeps the floor flat to the middle row.

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    Entry into the interior, we will be treated to a new interior design that is wrapped with plastic wooden panels. Maybe the design is not everyone's taste, but when we get into it, the interior of this car feels low and gives visibility is good enough for the driver. Feature feature, speedometernya already have MID, but still dot matrix screen, steering wheel still tilt, not telescopic, but there is a button to set the phone. Push start stop engine is available for GX type, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) for GX type, retractable mirror, AC still manual and head unit touch screen congenital JVC in GX type it seems a bit less fit.

    New features that are superior in this car compared to its competitors are on the cup holder on the front of the transmission lever which now has AC ventilation to keep the drink temperature remains cool, flat bottom model steering wheel with wood panel and two tone seat color. Other features embedded such as ISOFIX seats, power outlets in the rear seats, dual SRS airbags, ESP and ABS, EBD are retained from previous models.

    Behind the hood, we get a new powertrain with K15B code that still has the same base as K14B. His energy increased significantly to 104 Ps at 6,000 rpm and his torque has now become 138 Nm at 4,400 rpm. Machines that have Multi Point Injection is already meets Euro 4 standards in terms of emissions. Suzuki claims fuel consumption of 16.73 km / liter for automatic transmission and 18.06 km / liter for manual variants.

    Type offered by Suzuki Indonesia for All New Ertiga 2018 now become only 4 types only, ranging from GA, GL, GX and GX ESP. All types of manual and automatic transmission options available except GA type that only offered a manual transmission variant. Diesel and diesel variants are now no longer in this second generation Suzuki Ertiga.

    With the addition of new features and a new design that is more spacious. Do you think the latest SuzukI Ertiga can compete with Mitsubishi Xpander?

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