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    Dangers of Sitting Too Old: Weak Memories

    Monday, April 16, 2018, April 16, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-04-16T14:37:32Z
    Too much sitting is not good for health such as blood circulation and heart disease.

    Not only that, sitting too long was also bad for the memory. This habit can lead to changes in cognitive function and dementia disease.

    A recent study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) United States links sitting too much with memory problems in adults.

    Research reveals that the 'behavior' of the body that dwells too long as sitting too long while working is associated with changes in the part of the brain that regulates memory.

    Newer studies are uploaded in the journal PLOS One (12/4) it found the existence of one part of the brain that does not work because the behavior to sit too long.

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    In an official statement, researchers call the silent behavior by sitting too long associated with depletion of the medial temporal lobe on the brain. This section is the part that forms and stores the memory.

    This research was conducted on 35 participants with age range 45 to 75 years. Initially, the researchers asked the routine of physical activity they did every finger including the average time spent sitting in a day in recent weeks. Participants reported they were on average able to sit three to seven hours per day.

    The researchers then took pictures of participants' brains using high-resolution MRI scans.

    The result, researchers found sitting too long makes it able to attenuate certain parts of the brain regardless of the amount of physical activity performed.

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    Researchers even claim that even high activity does not adequately offset the effects of sitting for a long time.

    "The habit of staying for too long has a significant effect on the thinning of the brain and physical activity, even for high numbers can not help against the dangers of sitting too long," says researchers quoted by Live Science.

    Researchers then concluded sitting for too long can this depletion be the beginning of decline in cognitive function and dementia disease.

    Researchers then hope that health experts can design a medical approach that can improve brain health.

    On the other hand, researchers claim to be doing further studies to see more complex results.

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