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    Intelligent Solution Arrange Studio Apartment with Scandinavian Style

    Sunday, April 22, 2018, April 22, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-04-23T04:26:07Z

    It is not uncommon to think that the size of a small house or apartment will be very difficult to decorate. But the reality is not so, we just need a little more carefully. In this book of ideas, we will take you to one of the example apartments in Kalibata which is the work of one of Homify professionals, Interiores located in Tangerang area. With the size of the space that is not too big, our professional managed to set the existing space to be beautiful in decoration but still meet all the needs of the space owner.

    The choice of style chosen by the designer as well as the homeowner is a Scandinavian design style. In this project, we can also see some of the main characters of Scandinavian design that are well implemented by the designer. Can not wait to find out more details of existing apartment designs? Let's see it together.

    1. Open Plan Concept

    One of the design strategies you should consider when your home or apartment has a size that is not big is the concept of Open Plan. The greatest advantage of the Open Plan concept is the widespread effect that it creates. You will be forgotten how small your apartment is in the size of the entire Apartment number shelter in a single space. By removing the living room and bedroom wall separation, the whole house is now a single unit as seen in the picture above. Looks very broad is not it?

    2. Flexible partition

    But the designer realizes that it is time for the homeowner to want a smaller room for himself instead of the wide expanse of empty space. Therefore, the designer gets around this need by providing a flexible curtain between the sleeping room and the living room. This curtain can be easily opened at the time the home selector wants a large space and can otherwise be pulled to limit the private space to the extent of the room alone.

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    3. Compact and Functional Kitchen

    Your hobby of cooking but the kitchen area you have just a little? Do not worry that you can not include all your cooking needs in your limited kitchen. With a limited size, you can still include basic necessities for cooking such as stoves, sinks, dish racks and cooking utensils, as well as microwaves. The important thing to remember is that you have a bottom and top work area that you can maximize as a storage place. Even a microwave can you place at the top of course still affordable without an additional ladder.

    4. Natural Material and Neutral Color

    Choosing a scandinavian style of decoration indirectly means you have chosen neutral color dominance as well as natural materials for decorating your space. This can be seen from the picture above where for the white wall area looks dominant and for the wood flooring material that dominates. Color and material selection can also complement each other. For example on the wall area, in addition to using plaster paint regular, the designer also adds texture through ceramic material usage on the wall which certainly enrich the details in space.

    5. Choice of Furniture

    One of Scandinavian features apart from color and material is the shape and design of the furniture. In contrast to modern furnishings that tend to be boxy and hard, Scandinavian style furniture exudes a softer charm. This can be seen from the lighter and dynamic shape, such as sofa and coffee table in the picture above. Not to forget, a little green plants will add beauty to the room.

    6. Bathroom Design

    In addition to natural materials and neutral colors, Scandinavian design can also be combined with a monochrome accent motif. One application is seen in the design of the bathroom in this apartment. Additional variety of motives that are not monoton really make the existing space to look both interesting and elegant.

    Worried no place for washing machine? You can follow our professional design strategy in this apartment. The washing machine is placed under the sink table so it looks neat and neat.

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