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Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition Appears in Germany

Take a moment from the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018 which has been going on since the middle of last week, now a news emerged from Mitsubishi Germany, where they just introduced a Final Edition from Mitsubishi Pajero aka Mitsubishi Montero, but a no-frills' Sport 'in tow.

You know? Final Edition? Means Mitsubishi Pajero will be injected dead? True, Mitsubishi Pajero will be injected to death, but for the German market, therefore the Final Edition version appears in the country. Well, Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition itself will end the 36-year journey of this car since first set foot on the streets of Germany.

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And as a Final variant, of course the Mitsubishi want to give more value in this car, and one of their steps is to make this car as a special edition and limited edition that there are only 1,000 units. Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition itself will be available in two schemes, both the existing three-door 300 units and also the LWB version with 5 doors that there are 700 units.

The three-door and five-door versions are made differently by Mitsubishi, where the Mitsubishi Pajero 3-door version will look more macho and get matt black stainless steel front bar, then 4 mm aluminum front skid plate, headlamp washers, 18-inch alloy wheels stylish off road with special A / T 265/60 R18 tires, roof rail, heated front seats, cruise control and auto headlamp as well as auto wipers. Well, for the 5-door version will appear more sporty and stylish, and more suitable for use as an SUV for use in the city.

For the 5-door version itself will get a new 20-inch alloy wheels with two tone color scheme wrapped by 265/50 R20 tires, and still there are rear spoilers, electric sunroof, illuminated stainless steel front door sills, stainless steel rear door sills, leather seats, 7-inch touch screen for infotainment system and also support navigation system.

Well, for all variants, Mitsubishi Pajero FInal Edition will rely on engine DI200-DI Diesel Diesel powered 190 PS and 441 Nm torque. For the choice of transmission itself is limited to the option of 5 speed automatic, and this car will come with a 4WD-II Permanent 4WD System drive.

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Mitsubishi Pajero Final edition itself will be sold at 40,990 Euro for three-door variant and 52,990 Euro for the five-door variant.
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