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    3 Brotherhood From Indonesia Success Selling Salted Egg Chips in Singapore

    Wednesday, May 2, 2018, May 02, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-05-03T04:38:31Z
    Singapore - Ever heard of Irvins? The souvenir of the iconic fish skin chips from Singapore was initiated by 3 brothers from Indonesia. They successfully market a snack of salted egg sauce in the contemporary packaging.

    Calling Irvins, maybe you immediately remember the salty egg chips bearing the duck in Singapore. Although successfully marketed in the land of Lion, pioneer and business owner Irvins is 3 brothers from Indonesia. All three are Ivan, Ircahn, and Irvin Gunawan.

    Encountered updetails.com (12/1) at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Ivan and Ircahn tell about their salt egg chips. Ircahn who focus on marketing Irvins said salted egg chips or their salted egg chips were initiated by Irvin.

    "He initially opened an Indonesian restaurant business in CBD Area, Singapore from 2007 to 2008. He then opened a live seafood restaurant, in River Valley, a seafood flagship menu and one of the most liked ones is the salted egg crab or salted egg crab. this then moved to Upper Thomson, "said Ircahn. According to him, Irvin and then create a menu of all-salted eggs including shrimp and chicken.

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    Ircahn continued, "But two of the most favored customers are salted egg potato chips with salted egg fish skins, that's around 2013." Irvin then sells potato chips and skins of salted egg fish in a jar. He peddled it in a small booth at the CBD Area MRT station. This is where Irvins slowly evolved to be marketed as now since 2015. "The packaging that used to stop jars finally turned into a more practical and modern resealable pouches in July 2016," said Ivan.

    Products of salted egg chips / Photo: detik

    Regarding the background of the discovery of the Irvins flagship salted egg sauce, Ivan and Ircahn say their sister is not culinary education. "But Irvin knows how good it looks like when the chef team from the restaurant (developing salty egg sauce)," said Ircahn. Recognized by this friendly man, the formula of Irvins salted egg sauce is also being developed. "We continue to develop, we are handcrafted, so every day there is progress, every day we look for ways to make this day better than yesterday, so ga exact is merely," said Ircahn.

    For salted egg fish skin products, Irvins uses dori fish skin. While the chips of salted eggs are made from special potatoes. Ircahn said, "We are working with some importers, we use special potatoes that we choose so that if the chips will be french fries will suit us." Now Irvins also has cassava chips sauce crisps.

    Salted egg sauce chips / Photo: detik

    Despite appearing several competitors, Irvins team sure can still exist considering all the products are still made handmade chips. "How to cook us a lot still using hands compared to competitors who use the machine and so on .. We stick what we do, handmade, the quality is lower but the quality is maintained.Quality is more important than quantity," said Ivan.

    Now Irvins outlets are spread across 8 locations in Singapore. Even already penetrated to the Philippines and Hong Kong. In Indonesia alone, Irvins does not have a booth or official outlets. However Ivan, Ircahn and Irvin are eager to market their products officially in Indonesia.

    "Singapore is a destination where you can make dreams come true, it's time to not just dine, and be a Food Lovers."

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