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» » » » » » » » » » » » » » » For the hooked snack: Caramel Cheese Banana recipe

Had breakfast, but wanted to snack before lunch. Well, there are delicious recipes for families at home.

Banana caramel cheese recipe. © 2018 Bintang

His name is banana caramel cheese. From the name has been delicious and delicious delicious yes. This recipe also you can save for the menu iftar in Ramadan that will soon come.

Before getting into the recipe, did you know that on average one in three people consume more than three snacks per day. This is revealed from the results of research conducted by Mondelez International hobby of eating snacks in Indonesia or Snacking Habit Report: Indonesia published in 2017.

Let's start cooking now. The materials needed are not too difficult really.


Must Read

1 banana ambon / kepok
Sugar to taste
50 gr cheese cheese
30 grams of sweetened condensed milk
20 gr chocolate ceres
Butter to taste

Cooking Stages
Peel the ambon banana  or kepok then split into two parts.

Heat teflon over low heat, then add butter. After that sprinkle teflon that has been smeared butter with sugar, wait until golden color.

Enter the banana that has been split into two into teflon

Return the banana slowly, to mature evenly and mixed with sugar that has become caramel

Make caramel:
1. Lift the banana and the set on a plate that has been provided
2. Add grated cheese according to taste. Then, sprinkle chocolate ceres.
3. Finally mixed with sweetened condensed milk.
4. Caramel bananas are ready to serve while warm with tea or coffee.

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