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    Global Expert Conclude Pilot Deliberately Drop MH370, The Motive?

    Monday, May 14, 2018, May 14, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-05-14T13:25:54Z
    Canberra - Analysis of global flight experts concludes MH370 Malaysia Airlines plane deliberately dropped by the pilot. But the motive behind the unexpected action of the MH370 pilot was not revealed.

    A number of global aviation experts appearing on the Australian television program '60 Minutes' on Channel 9 on Sunday (13/5) local time, concluded the pilot Zaharie Shah accidentally flew the MH370 to fall into a remote sea in suicide-murder (suicide-murder) .

    Illustration (BBC World)

    As reported by, Monday (14/05/2018), things that are not revealed in the program '60 Minutes' is a matter of motive. What is the thing that drives the Zaharie pilot to desperate to kill 238 other people on the plane he flew?

    A few days after the mysterious MH370 disappeared in 2014, pilot Zaharie and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, were named prime suspects by Malaysian authorities. From the beginning, rumors arose that Zaharie's marriage was in trouble. It is suspected that Zaharie decided to drop the MH370 in anger and sadness after finding out his wife would leave her.

    Other theories say Zaharie hijacked his self-propelled aircraft to protest the imprisonment of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and to disrupt the then-then-Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak's government.

    Two sisters Zaharie, Sakinab Shah and Dah Ah, repeatedly denied theories that arose. Both claim Zaharie's marriage remains solid and argues that Zaharie is not smart enough to avoid 'all the world's sophisticated satellites'.

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    Some time after being named as a suspect, Zaharie and his co-pilot were declared clean of suspicion by the Malaysian authorities. The psychiatric reports and the recording of both of these behaviors before the mysterious disappearance of MH370, were declared not suspicious.

    The Malaysian authorities have not commented on the conclusions of global aviation experts about the MH370. But some time ago, Mahathir Mohamad who now serves the Prime Minister of Malaysia, had raised one of the conspiracy theories about the loss of MH370. He suspects there is a possibility that the Boeing 777-200ER type aircraft was taken over from remote control.

    If indeed Zaharie committed suicide and killed 238 others to protest against the treatment of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak against Anwar Ibrahim, it is unlikely that the new Malaysian government led by Mahathir will recognize his association. Moreover, Anwar Ibrahim who will soon be free, prepared to become Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir's successor who claimed will only serve 2 years.

    In the '60 Minutes' program, Boeing 777 senior instructor and pilot Simon Hardy called Zaharie deliberately flew the MH370 on air over Penang (Malaysia) which is home to give an emotional farewell. From Penang, Zaharie steered the plane into the southern Indian Ocean, precisely to a location that 'could never be found'.

    Another aviation expert, Larry Vance, a former senior Canadian Transport Safety Agency investigator, called Zaharie suicide and took MH370 to a remote location in order to 'disappear'. The remote location taken 6 hours by Zaharie flight has not been revealed.

    But Vance predicts MH370 aircraft are now in the bottom of the deep ocean, with the skeleton still intact and left wing still attached. "The right wing may be detached, the engine is separate, but you at least get four parts of the plane down there.The fuselage is not spread over the ocean floor," he said.

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