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    Milkfish Presto, from home industry So souvenir typical of Semarang

    Tuesday, May 8, 2018, May 08, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-05-09T04:07:47Z
    Starting from managing fish ponds in Kampung Purwosari, Tambakrejo, Semarang, Hartini Darmono developed a milkfish presto business with ups and downs.

    The woman who is familiarly called Bu Darmono started his business when joined in the Farmers Group of Fishermen. The group is a collection of fishermen's wives who often await their husbands coming home with fish catches.

    Starting from managing fish ponds in Kampung Purwosari, Tambakrejo, Semarang,
    Hartini Darmono developed a milkfish presto business to rise. (Photo: Puput Tripeni Juniman)

    In order not to be unemployed, Darmono invites the women to manage the pond and process it into various snacks.

    "This business was born since 1980, precisely on December 25, 1980. I've been wrestling with ponds and milkfish," Darmono said when telling about the milkfish presto Udin Mina Makmur who dirintisnya to the media in a series of activities Jelajah Gizi Semarang, some time ago.

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    From the beginning did not sell, slowly work hard Darmono and the mothers of fishermen began to bear fruit. Processed home fish began to demand the market and demand increased. Looking at the big profits, men are also interested in joining this group of mothers.

    The participation of these men led the Fishermen Farmers Group to be renamed the Joint Business Group (KUB) Mina Makmur.

    "Which means that the mina is a fish and the prosper is giving sufficient," said Darmono.

    At that time, this group has 70 members who developed nine commodities namely presto milkfish, fresh fish, shrimp, shrimp paste, smoked fish, salted fish, dumplings, and meatballs.

    Of the variety of commodities, the famous and much in demand is processed milkfish presto. Darmono group then decided to focus on processed milkfish presto only.

    "My vision or mission or group at that time is we will develop the icon of Semarang city, so we focus on milkfish prestonya," said Darmono.

    The fish is then processed into various variants such as presto brains, pepes, nuggets, and so forth.

    Increasing business and the increasing popularity of milkfish presto make KUB Mina Makmur turned into milkfish processing center and then become a cluster. Now, the cluster became a thematic village where its citizens independently process presto milkfish.

    Mrs. Darmono continues to continue the presto milkfish business under the name of UD Mina Makmur and has achieved various achievements and awards.

    This business has been the Champion of Fishery Product Optimization Contest 2004 given directly by the President of RI at that time, Megawati Soekarnoputri. Recently, Darmono also received an award from the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Susi Pudjiastuti.

    Milkfish processing

    The increasing demand for presto milkfish made Darmono no longer take care of the ponds but focused on milkfish processing. Darmono received milkfish shipments about 400-800 kg a day from suppliers. The milkfish was then cleaned and discarded the contents of the stomach and gills.

    After cleaning, milkfish will be smeared spices that formulated themselves.

    "The spice is made from spices of galangal, ginger, garlic, pecan, and cilantro," said Darmono.

    The mixture of the spice mixed with iodized salt and then roasted and added lemongrass and bay leaf. Once smeared with spices, milk and then covered with banana leaves and arranged in a baking pan before being put into a presto pan. Banana leaves function so that the seasoning can be pervasive and more delicious.

    One presto pot usually contains about 10-11 pan of fish. The milkfish is then cooked with pressurized water pressure 1.5 ATM and temperature 110-120 degrees centigrade within 75 minutes.

    After dipresto, milkfish is cooled before packing. Processing this bandneg have received national and international certificates in the form of ISO and HACCP so safe and guaranteed consumed.

    Besides as souvenirs, Bu Darmono's milkfish has also been sent to several cities in Indonesia. Several foreign customers from Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam have also looked at Bu Darmono's milkfish.

    Bandeng Bu Darmono has also been participated in various culinary exhibitions abroad. Nevertheless, Darmono still dream to be able to export milkfish abroad.

    "Export is not easy, it's a young duty to run it," said Darmono.

    To be able to eat milkfish presto UD Mina Makmur this, 1 kg valued starting from US $ 6-8.

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