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The Inca Tribal Grass Bridge is as strong as Steel

Huinchiri - The Incas are well known for their intelligence and progress. One of the relics is a grass bridge that is not less strong than steel in Peru.

Peru also has Inka tribes. Quite unique and rare, named Q'eswachaka bridge or called Keshwa Chaca. (dillman.delgado / Instagram)

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Stretching over the Apurimac River, this Keshwa Chaca Grass Bridge looks pretty in golden yellow. Keshwa Chaha is not made of wood or rope, but the grass is woven. Waw! (rkallai / Instagram)

How, every person in the village is assigned to knit strands by strands made of grass. Once finished, the knitted grass will be tied to each other until it becomes thicker. The tradition continues for 500 years until now. (nachos.con.bertola / Instagram)

However, although made of grass, the bridge is so steady and not inferior to the steel bridge. Estimated by the bridge experts can carry up to 56 people at once. (winter__olga / Instagram)

The Keshwa Chaca Grass Bridge is near Huinchiri Town and is the last grass bridge. Every year in June, the Incas always hold rituals to renew the ancient bridge. (falloutmedia / Instagram)

At least, people from the four nearby villages are hand in hand to re-twist the Keshwa Kaca Grass Bridge. You can prove yourself by coming here yes! (marthaopez677 / Instagram)

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