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    Advantages Use RFT Tires that Do not Need a Spare Tire

    Thursday, June 7, 2018, June 07, 2018 EDT Last Updated 2018-06-08T03:31:50Z
    Currently tire technology began to grow more sophisticated. The vehicle may not carry a spare tire because it uses a tire called Run Flat Tire (RFT).

    Described earlier, RFT is a tire that is resistant to use even though it has been leaked. That is, you can still run the car in a certain maximum speed and distance even though the tire is in a state of deflated or leaked. So, the rider can walk safely to the workshop to change the tires or at least towards a safer place.
    Car Tire Illustration. Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

    Using RFT tires has its advantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages? The following is extracted through the Micks Garage page.


    1. Motorists do not need to change tires when dangerous conditions. For example, if a regular tire leaks and loses wind pressure, then the rider must immediately to the curb to change the tire. This may be more dangerous because riders who change tires on the side of the road potentially terserempet other vehicles. If you use the RFT and the tires leak, the rider can still run his car to a safer place or to the workshop to change the tire.

    2. In tire situations losing wind pressure, RFT type tires are more stable than conventional tires. Because, RFT tires are made to help the rider when the tires do not have air pressure. RFT tires will help the driver to maintain better control in tire loss situations.

    3. If you use RFT tires, then the weight of the car so lighter. The reason, because RFT tires usually do not require a spare tire. So, the car does not need to increase the burden of carrying a spare tire, jack, or wheel-opening keys.

    4. If the car weight is lighter, the vehicle fuel efficiency becomes more leverage.

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    1. Because it can be run safely even after leaking, the car with RFT tires do not need a spare tire. Meanwhile, the current regulation in Indonesia according to Law no. 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport requires cars circulating on the highway to carry spare tires. According to the regulation, there is a sanction that the car does not carry a spare tire.

    2. Tire gets tougher. Because, RFT tires are designed with rigid side walls that make the trip so much harder on the bumpy road. If the car is already equipped with RFT tires from the manufacturer, usually the car manufacturer chooses the appropriate suspension to compensate for the harder tires.

    3. RFT tire tread is running out faster than conventional tires. According to a study from J.D. Power, the user tires the average RFT tire replacement period is faster than those using conventional tires. His opinion is different on the grounds, but there is one theory that tire manufacturers are installing soft tread compounds on RFT tires to reduce the effects of harder traveling on bumpy roads. Because the softer compound makes the tread life shorter.

    4. RFT tire price is more expensive. Because the construction is different from conventional tires, the RFT model will generally cost 20-30% more.

    5. If the RFT tire is leaked, it is recommended immediately replaced rather than repaired. Therefore, the durability of RFT tires that have been leaked will weaken if repaired. Unlike the conventional tires that if leak can be patched to a certain extent.

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