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Chicken Rice Spice Chicken Recipe

Spicy savory spicy chicken is delicious eaten with potatoes or warm rice. Addition of stir-fry beans make it feel more complete and steady.


150 g chicken fillet with skin
10 g of garlic powder
5 g of black pepper powder
8 g of salt
30 g of red spice
15 ml of sweet soy sauce
20 g of lemongrass
5 g terasi
50 g of pineapple
5 g orange leaves

Potato beef bacon:
80 g of potatoes
2 g of nutmeg seed powder
30 g beef bacon
20 g leek
30 g margarine

Bean stir-fry:
70 g beans
30 g of garlic
15 g of margarine
4 g of salt
3 g of pepper powder
2 g sugar market

How to make:

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Sprinkle yam fillets with oil, pepper and salt.
Heat a flat caster until hot properly.
Enter the chicken fillet, cook until both sides are slightly dry. Lift.
Saute garlic, red seasoning and shrimp paste until fragrant.
Add lemongrass, bay leaves and sweet soy sauce. Stir well in lift.
Olesi chicken with herbs. Bake in a 160 C oven for 20 minutes.

Saute beef bacon hinge harm. Enter mashed potatoes.
Season with nutmeg, pepper, salt and salt. Mix well.
Bumcis Saute:
Saute garlic hinna langi.
Enter the beans, stirring until wilted.
Add another spice, auk flat, lift.
Serve yam dental potatoes and beans.
For 1 portion

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To get savory taste and juicy chicken meat, use chicken breast meat with skin. Or use the chicken thigh meat of the upper part that has been dumped bone.
If you like the spicy taste, add the amount of red spice in chicken seasoning.

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